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Reluctant to tackle the disorganization in my home, I finally contacted Courtenay and together we decluttered the rooms in my home. I felt so light walking into each new room after we were finished. We found “homes” for the belongings in my home and were able to donate so many of things I had been hanging onto for years. Courtenay helped me sort, clear, organize and each day left with a carload of items to be donated to various organizations, charities. While we made an incredible amount of progress, we also had fun going through all my things!

- Maryann, Falls Church, VA

Recently I moved from a house I had lived in for 15 years. I had acquired so much stuff that I also had a full storage unit! When it came time for the actual move, I was overwhelmed. I had boxes and boxes of whatever - and the storage unit on top of that!!

I called Courtenay and asked her to help. I sent her a plane ticket, and within 3 days of her arrival she had all the boxes unpacked, all of the items from the storage unit sorted and integrated. She and I made piles for the Goodwill and other charitable organizations.

By the time she left, my home was totally functional, organized and ready for dinner guests. I will never move again without calling Corganized.

- Pam, Olympia, WA
"Corganizing was a god-send for me. I was leaving town while preparing for a possible move, and felt overwhwelmed by the amount of unorganized 'stuff' that had accumulated in my basement storage area. Courtenay came in and took control of the situation; with a fresh perspective she was able to know what to throw out, what to give away and what to keep. She then organized the remainder in a way that transformed our use of the space. I will definitely use this service again and again....Thanks Courtenay!!"
- Beth, McLean, VA

"Courtenay was able to do in a day and a half what I'd been unable to do in a decade: get control of my family's stuff!

Maintaining order does not come easy for me and I've tried other organizers in the past. Courtenay is by far the best. She gave me ideas and suggestions that I'll be able to use every day to efficiently run a small house that has to accommodate a family of five and all of our belongings.
In a very limited tim
e Courtenay helped me assess, clean out, and organize half of my basement and my daughter's bedroom. She worked tirelessly, enthusiastically, and professionally to get as much done as possible. I can't tell you how thrilled (and relieved) I now am when I open the door to the basement!

Another great thing Courtenay did was help me sort through boxes of keepsakes I'd collected for my family over the years. She used just the right amount of persuasion to encourage me to donate or dispose of items I really didn't need to keep.

I can't wait to have her back to finish the rest of the house!"

- Lisa, McLean, VA

Courtenay Hamilton
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